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It's all about all about vibration. I'm obsessed by the tingling caused by the multiplicity of touches, material effects and colors that coexist or melt to create an infinity of shades. It's about light too. The vibration of light. This is, to say it briefly, what I keep searching for  in painting, formally speaking. After years of practice, I realized that the subject was becoming secondary to an imperative need to paint, I undertook this journey into the unknown. Getting lost in the half making of an artwork is no longer a problem. It’s an opportunity to find something new, kind of a happy accident and finally make a change in my painting. letting painting guide me, learning  from it.  This is my way to practice.

What are these images then? Traces of our inner state? If the truth is in our self, maybe they show what we really are. Perhaps they say more than mere observation of the outside world. I do not know and after all it's not important. This is changing. It will disappear. In any case, in order to obtain an image that is as true and sincere as possible, the mind must put it in mute as much as possible. To be true, I think that writing and trying to explain is quite vain. in some way, painting says what words cannot. There is no point trying to rationalize. This is actually the opposite of painting.


The process has become totally intuitive. Some quick glazes or other projections and here I go in search for something in the midst of chaos. The previous gesture guides the next. This invisible force wants the trace of the hand, the imprint of human, life, organic. I chase the slightest flat, brake any straight line. Nature don't like straight lines.


The result has a resonance for the emotional field. Forget reason. let painting come to you. It has something to tell you. Artistic practice or the experience of an artistic work can bring transcendence and a path to the spiritual if you  forget about yourself sufficiently. Thus, painting proposes a different way of understanding existence. And surviving it.






March 17th 2020: 18 works



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I'm thinking about printing my art on clothes. Any advice, discussion or partnership is welcome.


I"m open to any kind of public or private order. Anything can be discussed as well.

Concerning orders  of a portrait for exemple, I work in my studio, on a googd quality photo of at least 2500px. 



Toulouse, France

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