PORTFOLIO (2013-2020)

In my painting, we find colors, spots, circles, spheres, crosses, monoliths, writings, naive characters, tribes, animals, precipices, abysses, arches and other cliffs, plants, mineral, scars, angels, masks, imaginary cities and landscapes, pareidolies .... This is what I must see after 7 years of creations not so abstract as that. Many of these elements were already present when I started painting 25 years ago. Since the end of 2012, I have decided to devote myself solely to abstract research. Here is an overview of my work.


This winter and spring 2019 I tried to change something in my painting. I wanted my gesture to be more flexible, I wanted more fluidity in order to emphasize the impression of movement. I did not want to see these structures, characters and symbols anymore. Given that I let my hand do and disconnect my mind as much as possible, they were back. Then, I chose to work with acrylic only, I had to change my gesture, my rhythm, my technique. As I usually do when I want something new, I worked on small formats (30x40cm). Then I switched to larger formats. "Organic 13", "Organic 14" and "Untitled 626" were the first works to get closer to what I'm looking for, especially because the touch is freer, vivid and spontaneous. I notice that it begins to evoke these images of the cosmos with its galaxy clusters, myriads of stars and planets. Unless it is about  organs, blood flow, billions of cells, atoms and other subatomic particles. In both cases, it has got to do with vibration and energy flow.

©2018 by christophe dupin    All rights reserved.

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