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PORTFOLIO (2013-2020)

In my painting, we find spots, circles, spheres, crosses, monoliths, writings, naive characters, tribes, animals, precipices, abysses, arches and other cliffs, plants, mineral, scars, angels, masks, imaginary cities and landscapes, nebulae, pareidolia ... after 7 years of not-so-abstract creations. Many of these elements were already present when I started painting 25 years ago. Since the end of 2012, I have decided to devote myself solely to abstract research. Here is an overview of my work.

A SHORT HISTORY (2013-2020)


First attempts oscillating between mists, vapors, magmas, some constructions on seabeds, celestial elements, cities and arches, canyons and cliffs. a bit of drippings. Later on, I will give titles to some works at random of a pareidolia or a persisting thought. How do you want to give a name to the invisible, a flow of energy, a magma of thoughts and emotions that go through you for hours and days.


sans-titre1- mixed media on canvas - 50x50 cm (2013)


sans-titre 8 - mixed media on canvas - 50x50 cm (2013)

sans-titre26 - mixed media on canvas - 50x100 cm (2013)

sans-titre62 - mixed media on canvas - 50x50 cm (2013)

sans-titre33 - mixed media on canvas - 50x50 cm (2013)

sans-titre25 - mixed media on canvas - 100x50 cm (2013)

sans-titre27 - mixed media on canvas - 40x80 cm (2013)


A growing pleasure to work with color, just letting my mind wander. coming and going between tachisme, mineral and vegetable impressions. Introduction of scriptures. I enjoy playing with it, I invert words, letters, transform them or pile them up to create a pattern or a matter effect. I notice that the rendering is more and more scar. Small stylized characters, sometimes with a halo, angel wings and a magic wand (re)appear as ghosts of a older period. I give priority to drawing effects by using different media: mainly watercolor chalks, pastels, ink, and various other materials,  combine them with acrylic painting or covering it. There's aContrast between the liveliness of the colors and the general atmosphere that remains dark and tortured. Black makes the connection and reinforces this atmosphere.

sans-titre56 - mixed media on paper 50x46.5 cm (2014)

sans-titre542 - mixed media on canvas - 40x80 cm (2014)

sans-titre240 - mixed media on paper - 30x66 cm (2014)

sans-titre41 - mixed media on paper - 30x40 cm (2014)


sans-titre56 - mixed media on paper - 25x25cm (2014)

sans-titre44 - mixed media on paper - 48x50 cm (2014)

black mount - mixed media on wood - 75x75 cm (2014)


Experimentation of some collages, I take advantage of springtime light to work very bright colors. A serial of light and acid colored works  with white backgrounds to celebrate summertime. This series, directly inspired by children's drawings, is mostly worked with left hand. Nevertheless a dark and painful atmosphere is still haunts my inspiration. Reappearance of these rectangular body and circle-shaped head characters. Circles and spheres will then be a recurring pattern . More generally, I will play with elementary and dented. Suns? Moons? Stars? Holes? Between heaven and earth, inside and out, innocence and experimenting these unknown worlds. First appearance of the cross shape . Towards the end of the year, the process gets faster and freer. Some productions between outsider art and tribal paintings, reminiscences of a previous  period. Earth tones are more than ever privileged. dark deep tones or bright vivid colors. I love them all. I don't want to choose. I notice that the light always springs out from from the inside.

Mère et enfant - mixed media on paper - 30x40 cm (2015)

Moaï - mixed media on paper - 30x40 cm (2015)

Mère et enfant-technique-mixte-sur-papier-30x40 (2015)

Sans titre283 - mixed media on paper - 50x50 cm (2015)

Croce di sangue - mixed media on paper - 50x75 cm (2015)

Playground - mixed media on paper - 50x50 cm (2015)

Sans titre 226 - mixed media on paper - 30x40 cm (2015)

Hate your love - mixed media on paper - 80x40 cm (2015)

Sans titre338 - mixed media on paper - 50x75 cm (2015)

Le miroir - mixed media on paper - 40x80 cm (2015)

Dans la chaleur d'un foyer - mixed media on paper - 30x40 cm (2015)

I miss you both - mixed media on paper - 35x35 cm (2015)

Canicule - technique-mixte-sur-papier - 35x35 cm (2015)

Sans titre 319 - mixed media on paper - 50x75 cm (2015)


I keep on walking a path that I find interesting, searching for evolution regularly. I am now confident in a more and more personal style. the size of my works gets bigger. For lack of means and also space to store canvases, I cut into large 300g rolls of paper. From 50cm on average, I go to 80cm, which consequently modifies my gesture. I try some 100 to 120cm but I  already lack space to work that size correctly. I paint relentlessly. 3 works on each other, no matter, I have to paint. That year, I change my palette for much more nuanced tones, focusing strokes of vivd colors on small and limited areas.

Roi Blanc -technique-mixte-sur-papier 40x80cm (2016)

Roi blanc - technique - mixed media on paper - 80x40 cm (2016)

Sick - mixed media on paper - 30x40 cm (2016)

Sans titre399 - mixed media on paper - 50x50 cm (2016)

Rupestre - mixed media on paper - 50x75 cm (2016)

L'escargot - mixed media on paper - 80x80 cm (2016)

Dissection - mixed media on paper - 80x80 cm (2016)

Sans-titre353 - mixed media on paper - 40x80 cm (2016)

sans-titre384 - mixed media on paper - 50x75 cm (2016)

Sans titre 437 - mixed media on paper - 80x80 cm (2016)


Alternation between small and bigger sizes, I follow the same line, Both for inner necessity and technical reasons, I work faster and faster. I let it go even more. This is really an enjoyable feeling. Consequently my style evolve. The frenetic of add and removal of  materials on the medium ends up with saturation of the surface and  a personal state of salutary exhaustion and accomplishment . New series in bright colors with the end of winter. After the summer, I decide that painting, as a medium, has to be become more visible, more present. I use the knife a lot. Instinctively, I have adapted may technique to my inner feeling.  So know, I need to work ever more and ever faster. I triturate thick strokes with a knife and pastels. I dig as deep as I can,  trying to make appear  shades of color from a black tone. I scratch every inch of surface. There might be a new treasure to explore.

Moment rare - mixed media on paper - 50x50 cm (2017)

Sans titre 513 - mixed media on paper - 50x50 cm (2017)

Sans-titre 481 - mixed media on paper - 40x80 cm (2017)

L'infante - acrylic on paper - 70x90 cm (2017)

Sans-titre 515 - mixed media on paper - 60x90 cm (2017)

Sans-titre 524 - mixed media on paper - 65x65 cm (2017)

Fossile - mixed media on paper -100x50 cm (2017)

Composition RVB - mixed media on paper - 80x80 cm (2017)

Sans-titre 537- mixed media on paper - 80x80 cm (2017)


The little cheerful and brightly colored naive characters that appeared 20 years ago have changed a lot. They are damaged, torn apart, dislocated. Some works take more and more airs of rock paintings. I am now attracted by tones that I once rejected: crimson and madder replace red ocher, ultramarine and deep purple eat my fetish cobalt, olive yellows and more sienna, blue-gray, gray-green clay. I want to be surprised by the colors. Mixing them frantically as ever, it has become a question of light and dark tones, opening me up to a new approach to painting.

Sans-titre 610 - mixed media on paper - 80x80 cm (2018)

Dans la caverne - mixed media on paper- 30x40 cm (2018)

Sans-titre 545 - mixed media on paper - 80x80 cm (2018)

Sans-titre 556 - mixed media on canvas - 50x50 cm (2018)

Sans titre 608 - mixed media on cardboard  50x50 cm (2018)

Sans-titre 558 - mixed media on paper - 60x60 cm (2018)


This winter and spring 2019 I tried to change something in my painting. I wanted my gesture to be more flexible, I wanted more fluidity in order to emphasize the impression of movement. I did not want to see these structures, characters and symbols anymore. Given that I let my hand do and disconnect my mind as much as possible, they were back. Then, I chose to work with acrylic only, I had to change my gesture, my rhythm, my technique. As I usually do when I want something new, I worked on small formats (30x40cm). Then I switched to larger formats. "Organic 13", "Organic 14" and "Untitled 626" were the first works to get closer to what I'm looking for, especially because the touch is freer, vivid and spontaneous. I notice that it begins to evoke these images of the cosmos with its galaxy clusters, myriads of stars and planets. Unless it is about  organs, blood flow, billions of cells, atoms and other subatomic particles. In both cases, it has got to do with vibration and energy flow.

Organique 14 - acrylic on paper - 80x80 cm (2019)

Organique 13 - acrylic on paper 107.5x38.5 cm (2019)

Sans-titre 626 - acrylic on paper 79.5x59.5 cm (2019)


Portfolio update: April 2020.

Early 2020, the first results are a continuation of the end of 2019. I'm searching for movement, freedom of movement and flexibility. Any straight line or slightly defined shape becomes intrusive, except for some shapes in a circle or semicircle which work with the general curvy and swirly atmosphere. These first works mostly show  cosmic elements (nebulae, galaxies, clusters) but also to views of landscapes from a satellite.

Nébuleuse des élémentaires - acrylique sur papier- 50x100 cm (2020)

Cosmic wedding - acrylique sur papier - 60x80 cm (2020)

Cosmic flow - acrylique sur papier - 66x82 cm (2020)

Phoenix rising to the sun - acrylique sur papier - 50 x50 cm (2020)

Attraction - acrylique sur papier - 50 x50 cm (2020)

Dying cluster - acrylique sur papier - 75x75 cm (2020)

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